Private Label Manufacturing and Encapsulation Process

Private Label Manufacturing and Encapsulation Process

What do you envision when you hear the phrase “private label manufacturer?” If you think the way that most people do you automatically think of an expensive, upscale brand. That would have been a relatively accurate concept historically. However, these days there are some different types of private label manufacturers, with some of the finest being able to work with even business owners who have limited budgets.

Considering the level that technology has advanced to, it has made it possible for all types of small-scale enterprises to be able to provide what were formerly just corporate services. It includes everything from cosmetics manufacturing to publishing and is the reason why any spa or salon owner might want to explore what their options are to work with a private label manufacturer.

So what can be received from these types of providers? Keep in mind that independent labs exist that offer affordable custom formulated batches of beauty supplies, cosmetics, lotions, shampoos and more. What that means is that it is very possible for a small business or individual to sell and use customized products that are directly obtained from a private label manufacturer.

Just keep in mind that no spa or salon will want to only receive “stock” formulations and have a private label slapped onto their packages. What they will want instead is to ensure they can directly work with a laboratory or manufacturer to design products that meet the needs and wishes of their customers. What that means is if a business owner wants to sell a line of all-natural or organize lotions, he or she will be able to quickly consult with the chemists who works at the lab so that their dream product can be created.

Keep in mind that you always want to ensure that you work with the chemists. There are a few reasons for that. The first one is that chemists are the ones who have a good understanding and are aware of what all of the various regulations are that relate to product safety that must be met by your private label beauty supplies or cosmetics. Second of all, only fully trained chemists can ensure that you get the results that you want to have the products that they produce.

Also, keep in mind that a majority of manufacturers can work directly with clients on improving and tweaking products. That is because large acquisitions are not required by the better laboratories, and smaller batches are what allow the salon or spa owner the chance to get valuable feedback from their clients before committing to a large order of a particular product that is in their private label merchandise line.

Encapsulation is a type of manufacturing service option that is available from new contract manufacturers. These manufacturers also specialize in tablet packaging, tableting, custom formulation and services that are catered to the nutritional supplement industry.

Within the dietary supplements industry, contract manufacturers play an essential role. Their specializations can be classified into the groups of packaging and custom manufacturing services. Then there are subdivisions of custom manufacturing, including custom formula development, powder blending, encapsulation, and tableting. The subcategories of packaging include packaging of tablets and capsules, security seal placement, label placement, printing and blister packs.

It is critical for numerous new companies that they find an expert contract manufacturer. If the wrong one is selected, it can cost overruns in addition to delays. That is why it is crucial that small companies make comparisons so they can hire the best provider for various types of contract manufacturing needs such as:


This service mainly is based on precision encapsulation machine applications to handle capsules of various sizes such as “3,” “2,” “1” and “00.” Depending on how involved the raw materials are and the type of manufacturing project, experts use both high-speed automatic encapsulation machines and semi-automatic machines.

The production of various nutritional supplement industry capsules is the result of the encapsulation process, including gelatin capsules, bovine, vegetable based, porcine and much more.


The most important and first step of the manufacturing process is product formulation. The primary concern of providers other than taking the manufacturing concept for individuals into consideration is following the manufacturing’s regulations and standards so that high-quality products can be delivered.

Using minimal amounts of fillers and excipients is also useful to keep products effective to use and natural. A majority of them is trying using vegetable sources as their raw materials rather than having fillers in high concentrations.

In-process testing

This process is intended to ensure the safety and effectiveness aspects of supplements. In addition to encapsulation and tableting, experts follow in-process testing in order to check to see if products have been packaged and manufactured according to planned specifications.

When it comes to encapsulation, this process intended to maintain proper dosage and monitor filler concentration. The purpose of in-process testing for tableting is to test the tablets’ appearance, hardness, thickness, and weight. In addition to these, the process also ensures that the packaging operations are appropriate including expiration dates, unique information, bottle seals, labels, and accuracy.

Manufacturers combine all of these processes together and are of critical importance to the nutritional supplement industry. Considering a manufacturer’s performance based on the primary manufacturing processes can help one make a meaningful and informed choice when choosing a provider.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for the final products to be of very high quality. Therefore, it is vital to find a manufacturer to work with who has high levels of experience and expertise.

For businesses that are just getting started, there is a good chance that they won’t need large volumes of products manufactured. If that is the case, then it is necessary to locate a manufacturer who will accept a small minimum order. A majority of manufacturers only take large minimum orders, which puts small businesses that have limited budgets at a disadvantage.

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