3 Marijuana Addiction Facts


Dispelling myths is important, but individuals, parents and society also need to know the cold hard facts about Marijuana usage. It can lead to problems lasting much longer than adolescence. Here are some facts that you and your loved ones should know!

Fact #1: Five times more likely to have a heart attack

For up to one hour after smoking pot, the user is five times more likely to have a heart attack. This is because of the high concentration of chemicals and also the effect on the heart and blood pressure.

Fact #2: Higher risk of cancer

Because Marijuana contains over 400 chemicals and is twice as potent as a cigarette the risk of cancer doubles. Lung tissue is destroyed faster when smoking Marijuana leading to a higher risk of cancer and other breathing related diseases.

Fact #3: Marijuana is the #1 used illegal drug and many believe that it is harmless

Marijuana is harmful and because it is the most commonly used illegal drug it is a real concern to society. No research has ever shown that smoking or eating Marijuana is safe for any purpose. Over time the body can suffer the effects of Marijuana through the lungs, kidneys, heart and reproductive system.

Taking the time to know the facts is the most important step in stopping the habit or helping someone quit. Society needs to understand that Marijuana is not a harmless drug that the law is keeping from them for fun. It causes accidents, health concerns and a general lack of concern for others. It is a true concern for the public and the best way to win the war is educating others.


Source by Michael Porteous