Alternative Medicine and Alternative Healing

The only constant is change. So we align ourselves to be flexible and open. Dr Mehmet Oz states that alternative medicine is the fastest growing health field and THE medicine of the future. I firmly believe that alternative energy medicine is the fast track to a sense of wellness, wholeness, and a healthy lifestyle. Alternative energy healing is something everyone can do, all that is required is an open mind, a positive attitude and clear intention.

Back in the sixties scientists were working on observing light beams. They did what is called the ‘Double slit experiment.” Where basically they determined that light changes when the scientists observed it. That is an oversimplification of the experiments. But scientists have been experimenting with this since the early 1900’s. It is termed quantum physics or quantum mechanics, and acknowledges that light can present in waves or particles, and observation changes this.

Now the mind and body connections are a normative concept. Just a few decades ago it was like alternative medicine is today. A breakthrough concept that stress or our emotions have an impact on and affects our physical bodies. Today this is common knowledge.

Many of us know someone who has seen a mental health counselor for years. They go, week after week, month after month, year after year. Of course a trained, helpful, professional can be of invaluable assistance. Some people come out of extensive therapy feeling renewed and that their problems are fixed. But what about those people who have never had the time, or expenses for seeing long term counseling? Could alternative energy medicine be the perfect match for them?

As a licensed psychotherapist in California, I state absolutely! I myself, came from a dysfunctional family. It was so bad that I left home by age sixteen, only completing the tenth grade in high school. I had different ideas, and made my living working outdoors. However the decades were not friendly to me as a woman in the male dominated field of construction. I was constantly working hard to prove myself as a woman in a male dominated field. My back started hurting.

So as a single mom, I went back to school. Slowly, my awareness of my life started catching up to me, as I obtained more education. I began to realize just how dysfunctional, my childhood and married life had been. As I attended more psychology classes, I learned of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and knew that I had been affected by this since a toddler. So on the way to becoming a psychotherapist, I realized that I needed counseling for personal healing, Except it was so gosh darned expensive to go each week. Here I was in training to become a counselor and could not really afford counseling.

Then I stumbled on alternative medicine. A whole new field of knowledge came to me. I learned techniques to do independently that greatly assisted me. Now, finally I had the tools to do this work myself. It has been fun, exciting and a truly amazing experience. I will write more on many alternative energy healing modalities.

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