FDA Cracking Down on False Claims by CBD Oil Manufacturers

April 7, 2015: This week, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has begun the process of cracking down on companies who sell and distribute a form of hemp oil called cannabidiol, or CBD for short, months after being issued a first warning by the Administration in November 2014 that all retail sellers of CBD Oil and CBD Oil Manufacturers must cease false claims being made about their products, and threatening legal action if not complied with.

In March 2015 alone, at least 7 manufacturing and retail companies have received letters from the FDA, warning that promising their consumers that their products have “cancer curing” effects, among other claims, are not approved by the FDA and are against the law. These claims were made on labels, websites, and other advertising venues for their products, and while it does appear that the oil itself has been shown to have extensive therapeutic benefits in animal and even cell studies, it has not been proven in human studies in a blind trial, therefore, not being thoroughly scientifically tested, is unable to become FDA approved quite yet.

CBD Oil Manufacturing is becoming a major trend within the United States, with thousands of metric tons still being manufactured and imported on a yearly basis. A small compound found within cannabis, CBD is growing in popularity by many who sell it and use it toting holistic benefits without the “high” commonly associated with the marijuana plant itself. Because of its being a currently unapproved drug by the FDA, not much scientifically is known about this compound’s impact on humans, however in animal trials it was shown that CBD Oil had some relation to antidepressant-like benefits, as well as some links to the possibility of targeting cancer cells to be eliminated.

Currently, not much is in the works to pursue human testing for CBD Oil, but researchers in medical centers in California have stated they are in the works to begin weighing the options of starting a trial for the oil. Although largely well-known and becoming rapidly widely accepted not only nationwide but worldwide, the use and/or possession of CBD Oil is only presently legal in 12 American states. Since 2014, many bills have been passed by individual states allowing the obtaining of and use of the oil for medical benefits, creating a trend of acceptance and progress for what many consider to be a “cure-all” in the field of alternative drugs.



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