Hemp Jewelry – Hippie and Fashionable

 Hemp  is a product that comes from plants of the genus Cannabis. It has a vast array of applications including use as a foodstuff/dietary supplement, for medicinal purposes, industrial purposes (making papers, textiles, plastics etc) and for the manufacture of clothing. Another of the most commonly used applications of  hemp  is in the creation of  hemp  jewelry. The properties of  hemp  make it ideal for this purpose, and as a result, these Eco gems are greatly loved by many individuals.

 Hemp  jewelry comes in all different shapes, sizes and forms. It offers something for everyone and offers something intriguing and different from most jewelry dealers. Examples include bracelets, necklaces and body jewelry.

 Hemp  jewelry was popular during the ’60s when hippie culture was at its height. These days it still exists, and although it is not as popular as it was back in the ’60s, it still has a strong market, especially on the internet, with many companies devoting their entire market to the sale of the product.

Most often,  hemp  jewelry is made from  hemp  twine.  Hemp  twine is a strong, biodegradable twine that was (and still is) a popular choice for the manufacture of cordage.  Hemp  twine feels smooth against the skin, and it is this quality – among others – that makes it the perfect material for use as jewelry.

There are many techniques for making  hemp  jewelry. Crochet, weaving, beading (and others) – the technique used depends on the desired product. Different types of pieces are popular with different people. Males tend to prefer simpler jewelry and females often opt for products with beads and more decorative features, although  hemp  jewelry can be relatively genderless.

Individuals may have a variety of reasons for purchasing  hemp  jewelry. They may have been part of the hippie movement and therefore purchase it for the nostalgia value, or they may enjoy products in general from that era. A big reason for choosing this type of jewelry is that it is Eco friendly. It can be highly attractive and, because it is made from  hemp  twine, feels more natural than other pieces.

The organic nature of the product may also appeal to some individuals, since  hemp  contains no synthetic materials and is biodegradable. Some people may be attracted to this type of jewelry as it offers a “unique” and “different” quality. Whatever the reason for purchasing  hemp  pieces, it is a product that’s been popular for a long time and will continue to do so in the future.