Insomnia – Is Marijuana The Cause Or The Cure?


Insomnia can be a huge problem for many people, and often people think that  marijuana  is a good way to overcome this problem.

Weed certainly can make you sleepy, but it isn’t necessarily a good way to gain quality sleep. In fact, over time  marijuana  can go one further and sabotage your ability to achieve sleep on your own.

Weed Won’t Put You To Sleep – It Actually Causes You To Pass Out

When you smoke weed consistently, you eventually get into a state that will, indeed make you lay down, close your eyes and ‘rest’ for a good eight hours. But this isn’t really a good nights sleep, it’s more like passing out.

A quality sleep will rejuvenate your body and your mind. Whereas being stoned, your mind has no chance to function correctly while sleeping. One way you can prove this to yourself is by trying to remember your dreams.

Sleep is a fascinating component of our daily lives, and sleeping sober is necessary for refueling our brain and preparing us for each new day.

When you go to sleep naturally from getting tired, you eventually go into a state of rapid eye movement (REM), which is the final stage of sleep and also the deepest state.

This is when your brain takes all of your events and feelings from the previous day, and proceeds to organize these thoughts into a logical pattern in your brain. You remember this in the form of dreaming.

In several different studies involving people currently using  marijuana  it appeared to be that when you get stoned and go to sleep regularly, you have a general reduction in the amount of REM sleep, you don’t dream as often and your mind is less ‘clear’ because of this.

Conversely, people who had recently stopped using the drug appeared to have much more activity and longer periods of REM sleep, and could remember their dreams more often.

 Marijuana  Actually Creates Insomnia

When you get into a habit of letting  marijuana  put you to bed, you come to expect it, and instead of needing to be tired to go to sleep, you need to be stoned instead. It happens to a lot of  marijuana  smokers, I actually see hundred of people who claim to have no ability in sleeping without smoking  marijuana . So what have they achieved using  marijuana  as a sleeping aid?

Well friends, they have achieved insomnia. The fact of the matter is, that all those years you spend using weed to get to sleep, never actually achieved a good nights sleep once. Instead, you achieved to ‘pass out’ for a number of hours and then awake to repeat the cycle. The end result is that your mind suffers and is unable to process your daily thoughts.

What else? As soon as  marijuana  is not available or you come to your senses and actually quit weed, you have a self-induced insomnia problem.

So Is  Marijuana  A Cure Or A Cause For Insomnia?

I have seen it hundreds of times, and I can tell you for a fact,  marijuana  causes insomnia. There is simply no doubt about it. The only argument against this is the fact that  marijuana  can put you to sleep.

But we have already discovered that this is simply not true, a myth amongst  marijuana  smokers. Instead, weed will make you pass out and if that’s all you wanted – that’s all you’re going to get. However, do it regularly and you will only be buying yourself a much more serious insomnia problem – not solving a relatively small one.


Source by Seb Grant