Is Medical Marijuana Legal In California?


Currently, there are 14 states in US that have made use of  marijuana  legal. Out of these 14 states, California was indeed the first state that made  marijuana  legal for its patients. But, why is  medical   marijuana  legal in California?

In the year 1996, the Compassionate Use Act which is also referred to as Proposition 215 was enacted which stated that patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions have the right to make use of cannabis legally. However, the patient may only use the substance for medical purposes and only if it has been recommended by a licensed physician. This act was enacted on November 5th and was passed with 56% votes in favor.

So now if you are thinking “is  medical   marijuana  legal in California”, then the answer is that yes it is but only for patients who have obtained a license to make use of it for  medical  reasons. In order to obtain a license for use of  marijuana  in California, the patient must be suffering from a condition such as glaucoma, cancer, AIDS, severe nausea, persistent muscle spasm, etc. Moreover, the patient must obtain a written recommendation from a licensed physician. After this, the patient will have to complete a form and send it to the registry office from where he may get a reply in 4-6 months.

Since possessing or making use of  marijuana  is a crime under the federal law, there are strict restrictions as to how much a patient can have in his possession. In California, a patient may possess 8 ounces of  marijuana  in dried form and have 6 mature plants. Moreover, the patient must be 21 years and above and it is a criminal offense to sell this substance to a minor. Punishment for making use of  marijuana  illegally includes imprisonment. If an establishment has been found to sell  marijuana  to minors or illegally, it may be banned from owning and distributing the substance and may also be imprisoned and fined.


Source by Jasmin Z