Medicinal Marijuana Cards: A Patient's Guide to This Alternative Medicine


Ever since the medical marijuana laws have been passed in 15 different states, as well as in Washington DC, many people are wondering if they qualify for one, how they can find out if they do, and more importantly, how they can obtain medical marijuana cards. These are very important questions to ask, as only certain people with certain medical conditions will be approved for a card in their state. Let’s examine some of the intricacies of these cards, and explore different ways that you can get them. Knowledge is power, and by better educating yourself about medical marijuana, you can find out if it is the right alternative medicine for you.

What Are Medicinal Marijuana Cards?
First off the bat, just what in the heck are these cards? Think of medicinal marijuana cards in the same sense that you would think of your state issued driver’s license. A driver’s license assures law enforcement that you have passed the required state tests to be approved to drive in your state, and also serves as your personal identification card. The same is true with a medical marijuana card; it’s the ID that the state issues to inform law enforcement not to arrest you for using your medicine. It also serves to allow you to gain access to medical marijuana dispensaries in your state so you can buy the medicine that you need.

How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Your State
This is the most important aspect – getting approved for your card. Each state has different guidelines as to their approved medical conditions and symptoms for patients. California offers the most, with more than 150 different conditions approved for medical marijuana. Here is the basic checklist on how to get medical marijuana cards in your state.

1. Make sure there is a medical marijuana program in your state.
2. Make an appointment at a marijuana clinic to see a doctor.
3. See your doctor and get fully examined, and get a written recommendation to obtain medical marijuana card.
4. Submit your recommendation with the required state application, any fees and other required documents to your state public health department.
5. Receive your medicinal marijuana card in the mail.

Important Things to Know About Medical Marijuana Cards
• Marijuana cannot be prescribed, only recommended, as it’s still a Schedule 1 drug. Doctors have to be state approved to issue marijuana recommendations, and in good standing.
• Only the state can approve your recommendation that is signed by your doctor.
• Only states can issue these cards, not doctors or clinics.
• The only way to get a card is by following the exact guidelines of your state and being approved.


Source by Cannabis Doctors Network

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