Non-Toxic Dentistry – Oil Swishing


I know that this is going to make quite a few people laugh, but I will ask you anyway – do you like to go to dentists? I am sure that 99.9% of you said no. But what if I told you that, if you take your time, and look into this just a little bit, you possibly would never have to again? No, I am kidding you not, and it is going to cost you just pennies.

This simple, yet brilliant detox technique is called oil swishing or oil pulling. “Purification of taste buds” how it’s known among ayurveda practitioners, oil swishing protocol was later developed by Ukrainian physician Dr. Karach.

Basically, all you need to apply this technique is a tablespoon of oil. Oil is swished in your mouth, in a slow pulling motion, between and though your teeth, for 20 minutes. What happens during this period is, that toxins from blood will be pulled into the mucus membrane. This oil is then not to be swallowed. You will notice that oil changes its texture during this protocol several times. In the beginning it is getting thicker, that in the end would become very thin and of white color. Dr. Karach examined the end product under the microscope and discovered that was full of different harmfully bacteria and toxic body waste.

Benefits in oral health and dental care reported using this protocol are astounding. You can find thousands of testimonials on the Internet, reports of people being saved from tooth extractions, abscess treatment, root canal, cavities, gingivitis treatments etc. Apart from oral health, many people with oil swishing found cure for sinus conditions, skin conditions, bronchitis etc.

What kind of oil should you use?

Original ayurveda protocol calls for sesame oil, and Dr. Karach recommends sunflower oil, but you can use any kind of unrefined oil. Cold pressed preferably. My favorites are coconut   oil ,  hemp   oil  and almond oil. Oil swishing with any oil will whiten your teeth especially if your using coconut oil. The only oil I would not recommend for this technique is olive oil. It can stain your teeth yellow.

It is important you do this on empty stomach, or at least 3 hours after you ate. Best way is to do it first thing in the morning.

You should always look for top quality product with whatever you intend too put in your mouth. To purchase worlds best unrefined and cold pressed oils click here now.

Good news for you, bed news for your dentist.


Source by Zoran Jovanovic