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As CBD oil sees its popularity continue to grow, it’s an ideal time to make it an addition to the private label skincare product line you already have. Commonly used in both pain relief and skin care, our hemp-derived extracts feature an astounding array of advantages for the human skin and total body. Our CBD oil is among the purest on the market, grown in the USA that is Organic and doesn’t involve pesticides or chemicals. Our farm and extractor Collaborates with us on your product and customization means you get the market’s purest CBD oil, labeled and packaged as your products.

We’ll be happy to sell you our CBD through a private label channel or let you buy it wholesale. A growing number of consumers are starting to get ever-more aware of the many CBD benefits that they can enjoy and incorporate into their skincare regimen and total wellness program. If you decide to incorporate it now into your private label, you’ll put yourself ahead of the curve regarding seemingly inevitable competition on this front. Want to know more about just what CBD oil exactly is and how our private label process can work out for you? Keep reading!

Just What Is CBD Oil Exactly?

CBD oil is a derivative of a certain cannabinoid that the cannabis plant has. What distinguishes it as unique (and also legal) is the fact that it’s free of THC, the abundant, psychoactive substance known in marijuana. That happens because CBD oil comes from plants that are low in THC, so they have a higher volume of cannabidiol or CBD, as compared to traditional marijuana plants. As such, the oil is not psychoactive and doesn’t have the mind-bending effects which THC does. It might still be present within hemp, but only in minuscule trace amounts. This all adds up to CBD being a wonderfully viable option that’s safe and legal for quite a few applications, notably skin care.

How Our Pure CBD Oil Stands Out From Others

Our CBD oil is sourced from agricultural hemp seeds we know are grown in Colorado. These crops are grown free of pesticides and other hurtful chemicals being used in the process. Our CBD oil gets extracted using a proprietary process thats super clean. The product that results is as clean, safe, consistent, and stable as you can hope to find. We use high-caliber laboratories to rigorously test it, ensuring only the best quality and efficacy. That means our CBD oil is pure, effective, safe, and free of contaminants. We proudly make this CBD oil available to our clients for use in things like soothing gels and skin-replenishing creams.

Private Label CBD Oil Manufacturing

The Private Label Process For Pure CBD Oil

If you want to sell products infused with pure CBD oil, then we can be your answer. When you get ready for a production stage, we’ll collaborate with you through a three-step process. First, we help you envision the ideal product. Second, we formulate it for you, unless you just buy it directly from our pre-existing choices. Third, we help you identify the appropriate packaging and labeling. The first and second steps happen to work with us directly, and the third is handled in partnership with a select choice from our preferred vendor’s list.

Customize How Your Products Are Labeled And Packaged

You can customize your labels completely as you desire if you go through a preferred vendor. What’s more, you can even have total creative control over the product packaging too! Many private label manufacturing businesses give you few to no choices, but we leave this entirely in your hands, so you have control over your branding. The preferred vendors we work with established direct relationships with our clients, and they’re ready and able to answer any and all questions you might have at any point in the process. Your final product will be a pure CBD oil product tailored uniquely and distinctly to your preferences and needs, jam-packed with the advantages and benefits only a premium CBD oil can provide. Your product will be ready for success on the market.

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