Building your own custom CBD formula, can be a big and daunting task to take one. Using an experienced GMP Compliant and FDA registered contract supplement manufacturer can help lead you through the process, to make painless and profitable.

With over 15 years of supplement manufacturing experience, IHL Manufacturing can help you formulate your custom supplement. As well as help you customize your product and brand your custom formula to stand out from the competition.

Our Services include:



CBD Manufacturing Equipment and Capabilities

We have listed a number of our capabilities below. Call us today with any questions you have more. These critical product manufacturing processes are performed with an steadfast commitment to excellence of quality. Our clients depend on our processes to assure that their products carry these commitments.

  • Encapsulation: up to 1 Million capsules/day
  • Sample Pouches: 15,000/day
  • Cross-trained, multi-skilled Warehouse and Manufacturing Team
  • High Bosch efficiency machines
  • High-speed automated bottling lines
  • Follow GMP and FDA Guidelines
  • 100% Custom formulation from our in house R&D team
  • Custom Formulation Blending and Packaging
  • Custom Product Design for all bottles and sizes
  • Order fulfillment including drop shipping and storage manufacturing capabilities
  • We are a 1-stop shop for all your company needs.