The Great Medical Marijuana – Is It Really Helpful


Medical marijuana is very beneficial for people and can be useful in wide variety of ways. It has been seen that a physician can prescribe cannabis (the medical name for marijuana) for treating different conditions. In most cases it is recommended for getting relief from extreme pain. Neck and back pain is common condition that can be treated with cannabis.

Medical marijuana is legal in various states. It is useful in number of problems and has very positive effects on society. Not only some minor problems but Cannabis is also helpful in treating the symptoms of life threatening disease. Long term pain that is associated with neck or back is also effectively treated with this.

Often people prefer to take pain killers that are addictive and can show certain side effects. Addiction to pain killers can be debilitating and can affect relationships and social life. The good alternate to this is Medical marijuana. This is not at all risky and does not impose the risks that are shown by traditional painkillers. Cannabis is also a good alternate for anti-inflammatory drugs.

Although Medical marijuana is legal in certain countries and states it is not in various other states due to its various recreational uses. In this case it is punishable and illegal to use Medical marijuana in these states. But the use of cannabis as a good medicine cannot be ignored. There are various conditions that are treated with cannabis.

Medical marijuana is helpful in:

  • Regulating pain
  • Stimulating appetite
  • Relax muscles, especially in the gastrointestinal area
  • Gastritis condition
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

The various benefits seen of cannabis are due to its quick acting nature. It acts fast when smoked. Studies have shown that cannabis can help HIV/AIDS patients to regain their appetites and lost weight. It also treats the condition of depression in the state of HIV/AIDS.

PMS is a condition that affects women. Symptoms such as abdominal cramping, pain and irritability during Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) can be combated by the effective use of medical marijuana.

As medical marijuana can have a vast range of medical uses it is useful to adopt cannabis as a legitimate medicine. It should be used effectively and properly for the welfare of society.


Source by Prav Garg

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