Tips on Starting a Medical Marijuana Dispensary


“Ignorantia Legis Non Excusat” is a Latin legal maxim which means that ignorance to the law excuses no one from compliance therein. It is one of the basic references that criminal law has based some of its cases and it is definitely ignorance to the law is not an excuse for the defendant to be acquitted. It is but the duty of every citizen to be aware of the laws being implemented. Therefore, the lack of knowledge about a legal requirement is never considered to be used as an excuse to a criminal charge. So when it comes to starting a medical marijuana dispensary, it is best that you need to be legally inclined and be prepared with the knowledge needed to know some of the medical marijuana facts. So you have to get yourself covered if you will engage yourself in this field.

You have to take note on Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420 and The Attorney Generals Guidelines For The Security And Non-Diversion of Medical Marijuana. You have to find a credible Doctor who will be able to give you a script that will cover you for possessing more than the generally accepted legal limit of medical marijuana if it is possible. Different States in America have different protocol on this one. Take for instance that of California, wherein you are only allowed to possess up to 6 mature and 12 immature plants.

Secondly, before getting your licenses and permits you need to incorporate with a non-profit corporation and NOT a cooperative manner but more on a collective form. If it has already been approved then you may proceed on signing a lease for the papers, licenses and permits to push through so as to easily locate the place where you are about to set-up your business of medical marijuana.

And lastly, always keep a low profile; never violate rules since a business where medical marijuana is the main item, it is definitely taxable by law. Thus, always keep in mind the legal knowledge for some of the medical marijuana facts.


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