Top 3 Mistakes Made by People Who Try Getting a Medical Marijuana Card


Reasons to get a  Medical   Marijuana  card

The Many Uses of  Marijuana : Do you suffer from a degenerative disease? Are you suffering from lack of sleep or chronic pain? Do you use  marijuana  illegally and want to stop risking your freedom and livelihood buying drugs from criminals? If you can answer YES to any of these, I can tell you that you are not alone.

The  marijuana-for-health  movement has been growing in numbers and it is spreading across the country. Every year, more and more states have politicians lobbying for cannabis reform and legislation that brings the healing benefits of  marijuana  to deserving patients. But who has the right to claim this prize? Can anybody really get a  medical   marijuana  card, or is it only for the seriously sick and the terminally ill?

Getting  Medical   Marijuana  Mistakes and Misconceptions

Those who are new to using  marijuana  or are not aware of cannabis used for legal and  medical  purposes are all over and everyday more of them are becoming educated about the amazing benefits of becoming a legal  marijuana  patient. The first step for anybody seeking information about how to get  medical   marijuana  card is to take special note of the top mistakes made by aspiring patients:

1. Lack of understanding of  Marijuana  Laws and the states that they apply in

People need to remember that all forms of use, possession and sale of  marijuana  are still illegal in the United States under federal law. However, if people were to read the state laws and do proper research, they would know that state laws offer a safe legal haven for those who seek to use cannabis for its medical benefits and are therefore protected by the state if they follow ALL PROPER STEPS.

2. Aspiring patients do not know the system for getting a  Medical   Marijuana  card

 Marijuana  itself is one of the largest agricultural industries in the world, and the branch of medicinal  marijuana  is gigantic in itself. This massive-scale business operates on a very fine line when trying to weigh the needs of the patients and the law makers. Those who do not understand the pressure and needs of this industry are going to be rejected due to the fact that doctors, growers, 420 small businesses, and politicians are all people pushing for a cause, and they are very protective of their image. It would look very bad if stereotypical  marijuana  users were bragging to reporters about their ability to cheat the system. Getting a  medical   marijuana  card in your state protects you by state regulations making it a process which must follow the laws.

3. People have no clue where to begin

One of the most difficult parts about how to get a  medical   marijuana  card in California, or anywhere else, is beginning the process in a correct and legal way. Using an internet search engine, one can see that an inquiry for  medical   marijuana  brings nothing but a large number of advertisements for doctors and dispensaries selling their goods along with a political battleground over legalization.The  medical  pages give strict restrictions to their practice and only schedule appointments with those who have met qualification guidelines, while the dispensaries taunt you with their beautiful legal medication! So how do you get this ball rolling…

Becoming a patient

In order to get a  medical   marijuana  card in California or anywhere else, you only must have an approved reason or condition, see a doctor that is authorized to recommend the use of cannabis, and then find someone that is legally authorized to “supply” you(it is illegal to profit from the sale of  marijuana , so collectives and dispensaries only accept “donations” in exchange for their products). This sounds like a simple process, but it can only be done if you remember to not make the 3 most common mistakes!

Sounds easy right?

The problem is that people do not research the process well enough, and end up being dismissed when they go for their first meeting with a “pot doc”. Doctors have absolutely no problem with flat out rejecting patients who come in asking for medicinal  marijuana  and are unprepared. It is important that YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GO TO THE DOCTOR!

I wish good luck to all aspiring  medical   marijuana  patients out there and offer comfort that with proper knowledge, you will soon be able to use the medicine that you need if you properly educate yourself first.


Source by Kevin L Fox