Who Can Sell Medical Marijuana?


Medical marijuana is now legal in fourteen US states and each one of these states has its own regime for distribution. If you want to start selling medical marijuana seeds in your own headshop or pharmacy you’ll still need to abide by the state rules. It is still a federal offence to sell or buy marijuana in the US so make sure all the correct protocols are in place, and only sell to approved patients whatever state you happen to be in.

 Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Rhode Island  

Although medical marijuana is legal in all of the above states, buying or selling marijuana is still very much against the law. Therefore, there is no legal way in which patients can procure the drug and how the patient gets hold of their marijuana seeds is strictly up to them. Patients that suffer from any of the symptoms for which medical marijuana is legalized are required to purchase a registry card which gives them a defence should they be caught red-handed with marijuana seeds on them. The registration card also requires a letter from a doctor, and any care-givers to medical marijuana patients will need to register for their own form of identification.

Arizona and New Mexico  

In the Lone Star State and neighbouring New Mexico, medical marijuana sellers must apply for a license from the state. This allows them to sell or distribute marijuana seeds to patients that are in possession of a medical marijuana registry card.


Medical marijuana in the Golden State can only be sold through co-operations and collectives. Although California’s liberal stance meant that it was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, selling marijuana seeds is by no means as easy as it is in certain states. Cannabis collectives must abide by rules covering everything from parking laws to the use of licensed contractors. Landlords also present a problem when dealing with owning a dispensary and can make the arduous task even more problematic.


The Pine Tree State’s medical marijuana laws echo California’s and sellers must belong to an established co-operation or collective. Unlike California’s collectives, which differ in their city based jurisdiction of how much medical marijuana sellers can distribute, the laws in Maine do not address this issue, and medical marijuana patients are advised to use their own discretion when collecting marijuana seed prescriptions.

Maryland and Michigan

The sale and distribution of medical marijuana is illegal in Maryland. However, unlike Alaska and Colorado where patients are required to register and fill in an identification card, these rules don’t apply to Maryland. Maryland’s laws only provide an affirmative defence in court to medical marijuana patients, but with no predetermined list of what ailments can construe a need for medical marijuana, this is often shaky ground. The only real way someone in Maryland can become a medical marijuana patient is with a letter from a doctor – a process much easier said than done.


In Vermont, sufferers of debilitating conditions, such as HIV, AIDS, MS and cancer are required to register with their doctors as medical marijuana patients. After receiving a registration card patients can grow their own marijuana seeds, although they can grow no more than two mature plants at a time.


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